Monthly SEO Packages for Small Businesses – Plans & Pricing

The team at Loganix uses a robust process to do keyword research and then comb through the data to select terms that lend themselves to informational content.

You give us the topics you want to rank for and then we’ll find the content you should create to target them.

The finished hub & spoke content strategy contains:

1) Content-Type + Topic
This explains the hierarchy of content and what topic it maps to. This is useful for internal linking when your content is live. As a minimum, you should link between all content (hub + spokes) within a topic to help build relevance.

2) Keyword Data
These are the main (informational) keywords that are being targeted in the content, along with metrics pulled from Ahrefs.

3) Links
This is a (very) rough measure of many backlinks a keyword/article needs to rank, via Ahrefs. This is just a rough guide to give you a top-level view of how competitive a keyword is in terms of links.

4) Page Title Suggestions
This is a suggested page title you can consider using. It’s only a suggestion designed to save you time, so feel free to change them.

Once we’ve completed your strategy doc, we will start writing content, publishing it to your blog (if you want), and building guest post links to your new posts.


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